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Jim Caldwell releases statement on remaining Lions head coach

The head honcho addressed his fate Friday morning.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The dust has settled and Jim Caldwell remains the head coach of the Detroit Lions, per the decision of new general manager Bob Quinn. It's a victory that has split writers and fans alike on whether this is good or bad for the future of the Lions and found exultation from the ranks of his players. On Friday morning Caldwell released a statement to the press to address his own fate.

"I am obviously thrilled that I will continue to lead this football team. I genuinely appreciate the faith Bob has shown in me, and I really look forward to working together.

"As I've said before, I truly love coaching the Lions and, while I've only been here two years, I have grown to love our fans, the City of Detroit, and the people of Detroit and Michigan.

"Their loyalty and passion is incredible and we want nothing more than to bring them a championship."

Jim Caldwell returns for a third year at the helm of the Detroit Lions with a record of 18-14 during his two seasons with the team.