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Fantasy football: POD vs. everybody, the Powerball can't hold us down

The crew from Pride Of Detroit is putting it all on the line after losing out on the Powerball.

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Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is running a $1M fantasy football league on Sunday. First place wins $100,000. Join now!

Thank you.

Thank you for giving SB Nation the task to promote daily fantasy football for the duration of the 2015-2016 season, FanDuel. Shout out Jeremy Reisman for giving me the freedom to write about fantasy football in a whatever way I deemed to be valuable. Shout out to my mom for being the best mom and letting me pick her brain about something she has little to no interest in. Shout out Chris Lemieux for filling in for me for a week to write about daily fantasy sports; color me amazed at how you were able to escape all the circles of hell and get back to writing stuff with actual substance without so much as a scratch. And finally, shout out kickers. Kickers made me the king of POD for a day and that was super cool.

Oh yeah, shout out Alex Reno for trying really really hard at beating me this year and managing to get a win against Pride Of Detroit's fantasy guru. One win out of three is like 33.3333333 winning percentage and that is incredibly respectable and impressive.

There have been a fair share of ups and downs over the course of this year. At first I was pretty awful at suggesting players for your lineup. And then I was bad some more. Then I decided to tell you the options that would lead you to lose money and that worked out great because the players I picked were really awful and that could have saved you enough money to later spend on a Powerball ticket that netted you no money. :(

Speaking of the Powerball, nobody from Pride Of Detroit won. It's a shame because if Jeremy would have won, I think his first order of business would have been to buy FanDuel and shut it down. But instead of that pipe dream, I roped in the rest of the members of this week's PODcast, along with Jeremy, to put together a lineup for this weekend's playoff games that would earn us enough to forget all about a billion dollars.

Below you will find our lineup, some dialogue that surrounded each selection and Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Carson Palmer at $8,900

Writer Alex Reno made the first selection for this lotto ticket of a lineup we put together, gaining approvals from both Jeremy and myself. On the other hand. Chris Lemieux was less than thrilled with the selection because he doesn't believe in Carson Palmer the way that everyone else does.

"**** Carson Palmer." - Chris Lemieux

Fitzgerald Toussaint at $6,200

Surprise surprise, this is the work of Reisman. He just couldn't resist getting some maize flavor on this team. With no DeAngelo Williams yet again this week for the Steelers, the hope is that Toussaint receives the bulk of the carries and a few targets out of the backfield like he did last week against the Bengals.

"Fitzgerald Croissant." - Me, probably more than a few times.

"I ******* hate fantasy, why am I doing this?" - Reisman when pressured to make a pick after mulling over the options for what felt like three hours.

Jonathan Stewart at $6,300

After dealing with a foot injury for the final three weeks of the season, Jonathan Stewart is back. Real slim pickings this week in terms of the running backs available this week. I had originally chosen James Starks, but was overruled by my co-GMs.

Doug Baldwin at $7,400

Oh boy. Look, Alex Reno wouldn't be a part of this team if he didn't get the Seattle wideout on the squad. He had one demand, and that demand was Doug Baldwin. Before we settled on a number of changes to the lineup, Reno insisted on one thing: Doug Baldwin had to be on the team. The hill that Alex Reno is willing to die on is one with Doug Baldwin... And Josh Norman, cornerback of the year. This is the sink or swim pick, and Reno is fully aware of the consequences if Baldwin doesn't have at least 30 receptions.

Randall Cobb at $6,600

None of us picked Randall Cobb so much as we had $6,600 remaining to spend and decided to spend it on Randall Cobb. Originally we had Tyler Lockett in this slot, a selection by Chris Lemieux from atop his Mule, but that strategy went by the wayside once we all realized how adamant Alex was about DOUG ******* BALDWIN.

John Brown at $6,700

I think it's about time I come clean like Jeru: I like John Brown way more than any level-headed, rational football watcher should. There isn't an Arizona Cardinals fan out there that is a bigger fan of the wide receiver.

"One of the most perceptive human beings of his generation." - Stephen B. Oates

"An American who gave his life that millions of other Americans might be free." - Richard Owen Boyer

"Killed slavery, sparked the civil war, and seeded civil rights" - David S. Reynolds

Get a load of these quacks. Safe to say they're really selling Brown short on his accomplishments and the role he's played in the Cardinals explosive offense this season.

Rob Gronkowski at $8,300

So Gronk has knee and back concerns, but Chris Lemieux is kind of the most fearless dude here at Pride Of Detroit. Dude speaks his mind and picks tight ends that are going to "try and play through the pain" according to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

Chandler Catanzaro at $4,800

We spent way too much time picking a kicker. I'm pretty sure Reisman was in charge of this pick too so his big contributions to this team were Fitzgerald Toussaint and Chandler Catanzaro, which made him the victor in choosing the most amount of letters of the alphabet with his two selections.

Arizona Cardinals at $4,800

Who do you think would win in a tag-team matchup between the team of Mathews & Reisman and the team of Reno & Lemieux? Think about it, Reno and Lemieux would name their team after something stupid like pizza. Spoiler alert: it would be Reisman and myself because we unified ourselves in a selection of the Cardinals' defense this week.