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Lions players' reactions to the Green Bay Hail Mary were priceless

Many Lions players were watching the NFC Divisional game on Saturday night and took to twitter after the Packers completed their second, improbable Hail Mary.

The Flashbacks. They came rushing through every Detroit Lions fan as soon as Aaron Rodgers converted a ridiculous 4th-and-20 play. As if the situation didn't feel familiar enough, NBC felt it necessary to hammer the point home by showing the replay just moments later.

And then it happened.

Every single person in Detroit feared it would happen but at the same time "knew" there was no way lightning could strike twice. But Rodgers' superpowers dwarf that of the almighty Zeus. Not only were Lions fans left to wallow in the twisted agony of reliving 2015's most painful moment, but so were the players. Several members of the Detroit Lions were on twitter during the crazy finish and shared their disbelief.

First, the replay of Hail Mary 1.0:

Then all hell broke loose:

Alex Carter had this to say:

Then he retweeted this:

The reactions continued:

Luckily, this story had a happy ending for Lions fans, as the Packers could not take advantage of their second miracle. After the game, Golden Tate offered up a nice meal for Green Bay: