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Herman Moore believes Calvin Johnson will retire

The former Detroit Lions wide receiver believes Calvin Johnson will hang it up this year.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the Detroit Lions' frantically busy offseason, one big decision still looms large: Calvin Johnson's potential retirement. It has been almost two weeks since Johnson made a public statement declaring that he was "currently evaluating options" for his football future. In the same statement, Johnson promised a decision in the "not-too-distant future."

Since that Jan. 6 statement, the trail has been cold. Calvin has been completely quiet, while no hint of any decision has been given by his colleagues or friends. After the Lions hired general manager: Nothing. After Jim Caldwell was officially retained: Nothing. Now we're left to just speculate. And former Lions wide receiver Herman Moore added fuel to the speculation fire by voicing his opinion on the matter.

Joining the "Suburban Ford 7 Sports Cave," Moore was asked whether he believed Jim Caldwell's retainment would make a Calvin Johnson return more likely. "At this point, Calvin is going to make the decision that Calvin Johnson makes," Moore responded. The host then stopped beating around the bush and asked directly whether Moore believed Johnson would be playing next season. "My gut is that I don't see him coming back. I think if he was, I think he'd already said that by now," Moore replied. You can watch the entire segment below:

While Moore doesn't appear to have any insider info here -- he was asked on his "gut" opinion -- Moore obviously knows Johnson better than most. His opinion is valuable, because he has likely talked extensively with Johnson in the past and knows how he thinks.

Still, there's not a whole of lot solid information out there, so Calvin's decision is still a complete mystery. The good news is Johnson promised a relatively quick decision, so I don't suspect we'll have to wait too much longer.