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Jim Bob Cooter is now the permanent Lions offensive coordinator, because duh

The Lions officially removed the "interim" tag on Monday, although he's held the position since Lombardi's dismissal.

David Banks/Getty Images

Perhaps you were one of a very curious minority who thought that the Detroit Lions would look for a new offensive coordinator once it was settled that Jim Caldwell would return as head coach. Well, you would be dead wrong, Buster. The Lions decided to go with the country move and have decided they've seen enough from first class Tennessee man Jim Bob Cooter and they've made it official. That's right, Cooter is in charge of offense now.

Per Ian Rapoport:

Under Cooter's direction, Matthew Stafford regained a measure of mojo that withered and wilted under Joe Lombardi's schemes, thought too complex for Matt's mind or something. In addition, the Lions moved to a power run game that proved somewhat effective and helped the Lions gain a measure of a ground game long thought lost from the annals of Detroit's playbook.

In general, the move comes as an obvious one. Cooter performed well under pressure, and fans will surely be interested to see what he will cook up as he goes into his first offseason as a full-time offensive coordinator. Myself, I'm looking forward to more press conferences with Cooter's catchphrase and singular charm.

Of course, the timing is in a bit of question, as Mike Rothstein, ESPN's NFL Nation writer for the Lions, claims Cooter's been the permanent OC since Lombardi was canned. So maybe this is just a lip service, and he's been the permanent offensive coordinator all this time save ceremonial blessing. But listen, if there's a chance for the Cooter to celebrate, it's time for the Cooter to celebrate. Get out there Jim Bob. Fire it up. Cut it loose.