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Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: Staff picks

Take a look at our picks for the Detroit Lions' Week 17 game.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last game of the season, and it all comes down to this. Jeremy Reisman vs. Chris Lemieux for the (sort of) pickem title. Granted, Solomon Williams will take the win percentage title, but only Chris and I have the opportunity for double digit wins on the season. If the Lions win, I'm your champion. If the Bears win, Chris will hold reign of the title. (note: Chris admittedly picked the Bears just so we'd have a true champion). Here's a look at the entire staff's picks:

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 9-6 27-24 Lions
Christopher Tomke 6-9 38-21 Lions
Joseph Buszek 6-9 24-13 Lions
Drew Erickson 7-8 41-13 Lions
Chris Lemieux 9-6 29-18 Bears
Alex Reno 6-9 27-18 Lions
Brian Packey 8-7 20-17 Bears
John Cherette 6-9 35-17 Lions
Ryan Mathews 6-9 35-10 Lions
Solomon Williams 8-4 31-21 Bears
Justin Simon 6-9 28-24 Lions
Kyle Yost 6-9 27-13 Lions
Andrew Keating 8-6 37-35 Lions
Aaron Meckes 8-7 35-32 Lions

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