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Ask the PODcast: NFL Championship Weekend, offseason housekeeping

The Pride Of Detroit podcast keeps going strong, and we want you to do your civic duty.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The championship round looms. Football becomes more and more scarce. We will soon dumpster dive for table scraps, and already Jeremy's been rolling out these award articles. The End Is Nigh. Some might live for the offseason, but for many more it's a festering wasteland, and dammit this podcast is going to stay the course through its ashes. The PODcast, by the by, as we are wont to remind you, can be found on iTunes, where podcasts are being given away for free every day.

Snark aside there is plenty to discuss in this still young time away from Lions football, and we'll be trying to get to the best subjects worth covering, both in regards to the NFL's ongoing playoffs and anything of pressing concern for the Detroit Lions. To do that though, we're going to need your help. Fire away any and all questions, as is the customary tradition of this PODcast now. Leave them in the comment section below, or drop use a line at our Twitter account @PrideOfDetroit and/or @MalkovichPlan.

Remember, we'll gladly take Lions related questions, but usually they might become part of what we talk about tonight. We're also looking for great off-kilter questions about football, life, love, hate and all things between. Here's a few samples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • What does firing the strength and condition staff mean??????
  • Is Suicide Squad getting people to come around with each new trailer?
  • Are you tired of the Brady/Manning XXLVIIZZZWhatever media blitz yet?
  • What did you have for breakfast?
Again, mere suggestions. Fire away. We'll hear you out, Pride Of Detroit.