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Pride Of Detroit PODcast #18: Offseason outlook, NFL Championship Sunday

Chirs and Jeremy talk early expectations for a long Lions offseason and the final stretch of the NFL playoffs.

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I suppose it's fair to say it's time for this here PODcast to finally make a pit stop and talk about the offseason. Not about the draft, or free agency, per se, but just...the offseason. All of it. This is a great desert we seek to cross and the next gas station isn't for another 1000 miles. If you need a drink or need to take a leak, do it now; there may be rattlesnakes the rest of the way.

The PODcast, in case you don't know by now, can be found readily on iTunes, where all podcasts are given away for free. It doesn't cost you anything but your sweet precious time, so do us a solid and go take a listen, subscribe, and if you're feeling jazzy, leave a review.

We're talking some honest to goodness offseason topics this week, including:

  • Initial outlooks on the salary cap, free agents, and how that all intersects. Can the Lions afford to pay certain players? What can one really hope to expect this early in the offseason when it's a brand new front office regime in charge of everything?

  • Oh no! Does this mean it's the end for Safety Dan? Will the Lions keep Dan Orlovsky as a backup? What of the memories we had together?!

  • It's still a little young to talk about needs for the draft, but we hit on a few early candidates we'd like to see, and what value there is in drafting wide receivers, regardless of whether a certain star decides to retire or not.

  • There's still football! Sweet delicious football. We preview NFL Championship Sunday and all the glory it entails. We try to find the final threads that will lead us to the Super Bowl storylines starting this coming Monday.

  • Reader questions! Oh we cover the ground on this one. Lots of movie-related questions; also, deciding what's the best stop for a Lions road trip next season.

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