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The PODcast #19: Mailbag, Calvin Johnson, Senior Bowl

Jeremy and Chris take a whole mess of reader questions and explain why the Pro Bowl just needs to die already.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I hate this week so much.

It's a grim, hellish reminder that the end of football is upon us. It's not simple enough for football to end with a resounding climax of sound and noise and a billion useless capitalist advertisements that are watched with proto-ironic zeal and one to find himself stranded the morning after without another game to look forward to. No, rather, we must endure a week before that great Big One without football, an act that is still not enough to steel the soul.

To make matters worse, they mock us with a sham in the game's place. The Pro Bowl is not football. It will never be football. Shut up.

Anyway, you should subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, goddammit, because I haven't asked you to do it enough. If that's not enough for you, the episode is embedded in the player below.

This week, Jeremy and myself tackle a very large mailbag y'all threw at our feet, and we try to get through everything we can in the time we're permitted, Lions or otherwise. We get a little talk in about the Senior Bowl, which is closer to real football than the Pro Bowl by magnitudes. We also talk about the latest happenings with the Calvin Johnson decision, and where the star wide receiver stands with those matters.

An important correction: We talked briefly on the PODcast about the rumors of Dawn Aponte coming to Detroit, but the source has, as of Thursday morning, retracted his reports. Sorry y'all.

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