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Reports: Lions 'plan to retain' Jim Caldwell, Teryl Austin to interview with Browns

The Lions coaching rumor mill has already begun.

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

NFL insider Adam Schefter dropped this important note Sunday morning:

Now this report, in a way, contradicts itself. It says both Martha Ford plans to retain Caldwell, yet will leave the decision to the new general manager. You'll likely hear a lot of soft rumors like this in the upcoming days until the Lions have finally decided on their GM for 2016. But this report seems to confirm what the general consensus has been building to over the last two weeks: everyone in the Lions organization supports how Caldwell finished the season and it seems more and more likely he stays.

In other coaching news, according to Ian Rapaport, the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin is lined up to interview with Cleveland Browns for their head coaching job:

This is likely to be the first of many opportunities for Austin. Remember, Austin was interviewed for several jobs last season, and after the way he turned around the Lions defense this season, he's likely to get even more consideration in the upcoming offseason. At this point, he seems very likely to close on a head coaching opportunity, especially considering there may be as many as nine job openings for head coach by Monday.