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Lions approval poll: Jim Caldwell (January 2016)

Do you approve of the job Jim Caldwell has done to finish the 2015 season?

David Banks/Getty Images

We've now reached the end of the season, which means a lot of big decisions for the Detroit Lions are right around the corner. Chief among them is finding a general manager for the organization. However, as soon as that is straightened out, the attention will turn to Jim Caldwell's employment.

We've already discussed ad nauseam the many reasons why the Lions should move on from Caldwell and why the Lions should keep him around. But now it's time to put it to a vote. Here's the history of Jim Caldwell's approval rating since becoming head coach in 2014.

December 2015: 12% approval
November 2015: 8% approval
July 2015: 91% approval
January 2015: 89% approval
December 2014: 85% approval
November 2014: 87% approval
October 2014: 94% approval
September 2014: 96% approval
August 2014: 67% approval
June 2014: 77% approval

What do you think? Do you approve of the job Jim Caldwell has done? Does he deserve credit for winning six of the Lions' last eight games or was the team's performance through the first eight weeks unforgivable? Vote below and discuss.

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