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Power rankings: Detroit Lions end season at highest point

The Detroit Lions end their 2015 season ranked higher than any other point in the year.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

After polishing off the season with a win over the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field (#WeOwnTheBears), the Detroit Lions ended their 2015 campaign at their highest point. After their loss to the Chargers in the opening week, the Lions ranked between 16th and 22nd. To finish off the year, the Lions ranked no lower than 20th.

  • SB Nation: 15th (up one spots)
  • 15th (up three spot)
  • ESPN: 20th (up three spot)
  • CBS Sports: 16th (up four spots)
  • FOX Sports: N/A
  • Yahoo! Sports: 16th (up six spots)
  • It has undoubtedly been a disappointing season for Detroit, but with they way they finished, it provides some hope that the team from 2014 was not a fluke. They'll head into the offseason with plenty of questions to answer about what needs to change and what went wrong during the first half of the season, but they can hang their heads high for sticking through the adversity and finishing strong.