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The PODcast #16: Season rewards, Calvin Johnson's potential departure and the best games ten years ago

The first week of the offseasoning brings many exciting things to talk about on the Pride Of Detroit podcast.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

You made it. The first week of the offseason. A week without Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football; hell, you don't technically have Thursday Night Football Saturday Edition coming up, although it is something else. No more Lions football, no more Red Zone, no more...alright, fine, we can stop there. Put down the spatula.

The PODcast continues to roll on, as it will all offseason, although there may certainly be times where we wander away from football, if not sports altogether. That time hasn't happened right now. This is our bread and butter, and the storylines, the storylines, are flying like so many bombs to kick off Fallout.

You should subscribe, listen and review on iTunes. If you don't, we'll tell you to do it next week. Save yourself the trouble right now, even though I'm going to say to do it again anyway.

On the PODcast this week: myself, Jerry Mallory and Jeremy Reisman get in our various studios to discuss:

  • A chance to revisit our preseason picks for offensive/defensive MVPs and rookie of the year for the Detroit Lions, and to see if any of our answers have changed.
  • We're not weeping about Calvin Johnson. No, really. These? Tears? No, we just sprung a leak.
  • It's starting to reach that point where everyone is getting more and more comfortable with the concept of keeping Jim Caldwell. Is it the best course for the future? What do you need to sell someone who still wants him gone?
  • Jerry Mallory weighs his best Barry Sanders memory against his best Calvin Johnson memory
  • The. Best. Video. Game. Of 2005.
  • Tabasco or Frank's Red Hot?
  • Many more reader questions