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Reports conflict on Jim Caldwell's job security

Now that the Lions' new general manager is in place, focus turns to Jim Caldwell and the head coach position.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions' offseason officially began on Friday after the team made the important move of hiring their next general manager, Bob Quinn. Now that the first domino has fallen, attention shifts to Jim Caldwell and the rest of the coaching staff. Momentum seemed to going in Caldwell's favor, as public opinion drastically shifted in the last month of the season. But throughout the process, the Lions maintained that Caldwell's employment would be 100 percent up to the new general manager.

So what will Quinn do? There are conflicting reports out there on Caldwell's future.

Late Friday night, a report emerged from a Mike O'Hara story that a New England Patriots insider believed Quinn's plan was to retain Caldwell for another year.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press -- although admitting he did not know -- seemed to be leaning in the same direction:

But on Saturday morning, Ian Rapoport revealed Caldwell's job security may not be so strong:

Whatever the decision Quinn eventually makes, expect to hear it soon. His plan for the staff was undoubtedly a huge topic of discussion during his interview and the Lions cannot afford to waste time as seven other franchises look for their new head coach. The Lions could decided Caldwell's fate as early as Saturday.