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Ask POD: Back in the win column

How do you feel after Sunday? Send us your pressing questions.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Independent of everything else, it’s good to have a win. They keep the market flowing according to the Al Davis School of Economics. Usually other fans are feeling generous and willing to spot you a drink or two. Monday’s page hits aren’t completely in the dumps because everyone is chanting the same three words over and over. Life goes on.

We also think that wins help because we’ve got a Pride Of Detroit PODcast mailbag to take care of and we need your questions; hopefully, that win inspired you to ask some really good ones. Leave your concern or question in the comments below, or send a message to @PrideOfDetroit on Twitter.

Our usual reminder: you don’t need to send us a question about the Detroit Lions! You could ask us about just about anything. We’re opinionated people, we’re willing to go to bat to give a take on whatever you got. We love tackling questions on food and pop culture and 90s nu metal and Hawaiian shirts.

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