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Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: First half open thread

Chat with us during the Lions’ Week 4 matchup.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Pride Of Detroit love to mess with the Chicago Bears. Part of it—a very small part, mind you—comes from a place of love. The Bears have been just as hapless as the Lions for the better part of the millennium. But we’re also very aware that the Bears remain one of biggest rivals for the Detroit Lions in the league. Some, myself included, would consider them the biggest rivals.

So that’s why during Bears week, we like to take little shots at Chicago and peddle the #WeOwnTheBears hashtag while we still can. The Lions have had very little dominance over any team in NFL history, so when you get the chance to flaunt, you flaunt. The Lions are on a six-game winning streak over the Bears, and it’s clearly starting to get to Bears fans.

Take, for example, this great read from the people over at Windy City Gridiron, the Bears SB Nation site. Here’s delicious snippet:

That’s why I think Bears fans have not faced up to our new reality.

We are the Lions.

Not historically, no. In that respect we’re still the Bears.

But in terms of recent history, looking for the team that every other team in the division sees on the schedule before delivering the dismissive eye shimmy, we’re that team right now. We are the NFC North’s dismissive eye shimmy team.

That’s right, Bears. You’re the new Lions. Now take your medicine and prepare for more 0-16 speculation.

Here’s some other reading material for today’s game:

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