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Lions at Bears: What just happened?

Thoughts on the Lions' loss to the Bears.

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The streak is over Lions fans. The hashtag #WeOwnTheBears must be retired now. The Lions have lost to the Bears for the first time since 2012 and it was as ugly as you thought it would be. The Bears were too much for the Lions and they won 17-14. I had a lot of thoughts during this game. These are those thoughts.

This isn't a Calvin thing. This isn't a Suh thing

It's a "Lions are not a very good team right now" thing. The defense is bad. The coaching is bad. The players are bad. Everything is bad. How the Lions' fourth-ranked offense couldn't put the ball in the end zone all day against a Bears team that's broken down everywhere is beyond me. But if I would have told you on Tuesday that this would happen, you probably would have believed me. The team is playing bad. But it has nothing to do with Calvin or Suh not being here.

Ebron gave everyone a reason today

I often wonder what makes so many dislike Eric Ebron so much. The fact that the Lions could have had Aaron Donald or Odell Beckham is irrelevant at this point. The drops are, too. Today I saw a guy that had little to no focus. I saw a guy do this.

That's your starting tight end staring at the sky rather than blocking for his running back. Yes it's possible that he thought Riddick got tackled, but his awareness needs to be better. Other than that, Ebron picked up penalties on big plays and seemingly gave up on his route on Stafford's second interception. I don't dislike Ebron, but I saw why others do today.

Someone has to go

Look, I know it's really early in the season and maybe too early to talk about this, but the Lions can't afford to fiddle faddle around anymore. Bringing Jim Caldwell back is looking more and more like a mistake every week and Teryl Austin may have been a fluke. It seems we now have the answer as to why Austin didn't get a head coaching gig the last two years. Either that or he's a slow starter and the Lions figure their defense out somewhere around the bye week.

In reality, I doubt any termination comes soon, if at all, this year. You have to hope that you're wrong about this sort of thing, and the Lions shake off a bad start and get rolling. All I know is that the Lions are back at the bottom of the division and it looks like a long season ahead of us.

Golden Ain't

What happened to Golden Tate? Is it a confidence thing? is he hurt? Or is this a simple regression? The only thing we know for sure is that he's not playing like his usual self. And he wound up sitting on the bench in favor of Andre Roberts in the second half. Whatever is wrong with Tate, he needs to figure it out quick, because drops and missed opportunities are just not his look.


The Lions defense has allowed 102 points in the first four weeks of the season. That's really bad for a team that's just two years removed from a historical defense. They can't stop any running back. They seem to be five yards away from the receiver at all times, and they have a knack for making quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota and Brian Hoyer look like Joe Montana.

If the Lions can't beat an offense with a backup quarterback and a backup running back, they are going to be in trouble all year long. Even next week when they face a rookie quarterback in Carson Wentz that's looking pretty legit.

Good things

Let's see what was good? Kerry Hyder was great again. Andre Roberts finally stopped being dumb and found the end zone on a return. Marvin Jones was great again with five reception for 74 yards. Zenner looked fine until Caldwell decided it was a bad idea to look fine. Glover Quin looked good most of the time. Jim Caldwell seemed to have a good time. He was clapping all game.

If you can't do this, you can't do that

If you can't beat the teams that you're supposed to beat, you can't beat the one's you're not supposed to. The Lions are the kings of losing to teams they should dominate. They've already done it twice in the first four weeks. One has to wonder when this will end. When will the Lions just beat teams with no problem? Week 8? 2018? Who knows? what we do know is that the Lions season is beginning to look a lot like last year's season, except this time, they have a win.

That's all I can handle today. Now it's time to go eat my feeling and watch "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" till I pass out. Be sure to leave your comments below or come chat with me on Twitter @POD_Payton. As a parting gift and something that I hope makes you feel better. here's my favorite Fresh Prince moment ever.

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