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Friday open thread: What is your favorite Matthew Stafford pass of all time?

To celebrate his 100th career game, let’s reminisce about your favorite Matthew Stafford pass.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

Perhaps you’ve heard. Matthew Stafford will be starting his 100th game this weekend against Washington. Many didn’t expect to see him here after missing 19 of his first 32 games as a professional quarterback. But not only is Stafford here, ready to start his 87th consecutive game, he’s also playing his best football yet.

To commemorate his 100th game in the NFL, Tori Petry asked Stafford to reminisce on his favorite moments from his Lions career. He mentioned the 2011 season as one of his favorites, specifically the comeback in Oakland. He cherished the successful 2014 season that saw the Lions win 11 games that year.

Those were some of his favorite moments. Now it’s time for you to chime in. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite single throw from Matthew Stafford’s career?

My answer: There’s a few good candidates that I’ll leave up to you all to select, but my favorite beyond a shadow of a doubt is a throw he made in 2013 against the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions needed a touchdown with just 1:02 on the clock with no timeouts. Over 20 seconds had run off the clock and the Lions still hadn’t moved the ball beyond their own 40-yard line. They needed a huge chunk of yards, and they needed it quickly.

Then Stafford did this.

I don’t think Stafford has ever thrown a more perfect pass in his life. From the opposite hashmark, Stafford dropped the ball perfectly into Kris Durham’s arms 42 yards down the field. We all remember what happened next.

Your turn.

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