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Lions vs Texans: Random Stats

Looking at the history between the Lions and the Texans

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What in the world is going on with the Lions? Here we are going into the halfway point of the season and the Lions are coming into this game off three straight wins. This game should be very interesting. The Lions' last place defense in terms of DVOA, will face the Texans' last place offense. Who knows what could happen? So instead of predicting what will happen, let's go back in time where we already know the outcomes. For this one, we have to go way, way, way back to when I was a part-time model, or a bad judge of what modeling is.


This week's Random Stats is interesting. It's interesting because usually these pieces consist of a bunch of odd stats based off of long matchup histories. But in this case, the Lions and Texans have only faced each other three times. In those three games, the Texans won two of them. the last two to be exact.

The first time these two teams faced each other was back in September of 2004. Joey "piano hands" Harrington led the Lions to a 28-16 win over David "Derek's brother" Carr and the Texans. It was an ugly game that featured a ton of turnovers. The Texans fumbled the ball four times. I can't make that up. Joey, of course, chipped in with an interception to make sure the Texans didn't feel alone.

What about Houston?

Since this history is so short, let's make it a little more interesting. Let's go ahead and bring the Oilers into the equation, even though they're a completely different franchise. The Lions are 3-4 against the Oilers. Geez!! I can't win here. The Lions just don't like to go to Houston.

Michigan vs Houston

So if we can't get any history out of the Lions, let's just get the other teams involved too. The Pistons, who unfortunately started their season on a low note last night, are 69-65 against the Rockets. The Tigers are 23-19 against the Astros. The Wolverines are 3-0 against the University of Houston and Michigan State is 0-1. All together, the state of Michigan is 99-91 against Houston.

He was down

Who could forget this?

It' s funny to think that here we are four years later and Justin Forsett now wears the Honolulu blue he once tore through on his way to one of the most controversial calls to ever happen in Ford Field. Don't worry, he admitted a couple weeks ago that he was in fact down. Thanks Justin.

That's all I have for you this week. I look forward to next week when the Lions head to Minnesota. There will be a ton of things to talk about there. Until then, be sure to leave your comments below. Or come chat with me on Twitter @POD_Payton.

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