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Which Detroit Lions player had the best Halloween costume?

The Lions had some great Halloween costumes, but we need to decide which one is the best.

The Detroit Lions had a Halloween party last week and they shared some great pictures on social media. Seeing as today is Halloween, let’s take a look at their costumes and see if we can determine a winner.

Matthew and Kelly Stafford as Benny Rodriguez and "Squints" in The Sandlot

Benny the jet and squints threw a Halloween party last night. #L7weenie #DetroitLionsHalloweenParty

A photo posted by Kelly Stafford (@kbstafford89) on

Our take: This is an excellent costume idea and Kelly really pulls off the squints look well. While Stafford looks okay as Benny "The Jet," the costume is actually quite lazy. I get it though, I’ve never been one to put much effort into a Halloween costume. Rating: 7/10.

Marvin and Jazmyn Jones as Dia de los Muertos salsa dancers

Mi esposa y yo...

A photo posted by Marvin Jones Jr (@marvinjonesjr) on

Our take: This is the exact opposite end of the spectrum in relation to the Stafford’s costumes. This looks like it took an extreme amount of effort, and the creativity is off the charts. I like a little humor in my Halloween costumes, though, and this is lacking in that department. Still, this is one of the better costumes of the bunch, but one I fear will be ultimately underrated. Rating: 7.5/10

Darius Slay and fiancee Jennifer Williams as Batman and Batgirl

Happy Halloween everyone #BatmanAndPregnantBatWoman

A photo posted by Darius Slay (@bigplayslay23) on

Our take: Everyone wants to be Batman or Batgirl, I get it. But these costumes just don’t do it for me. Batman has peaked in its cultural impact, so the choice of costume is poor. You could make up lack of originality with a solid execution of the costume, but that’s not what happened here. Rating: 4/10.

Dan and Tiffany Orlovsky as Alan and the baby from "The Hangover"

Another Halloween party in the books! #alan #carlos #thehangover #halloween2016 @dorlovsky

A photo posted by Tiffany Orlovsky (@torlovsky3) on

Our take: This should probably be our winner. Not only does this score points for originality, but according to Golden Tate he carried his wife like that the entire night. "The Hangover" may be seven years old now, but this costume could stand the test of time. Rating: 9.5/10.

Golden Tate and fiancee Elise Pollard as Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold on "Dancing with the Stars"

Our take: This costume scores high on originality and execution. For Golden Tate to honor Calvin Johnson in his latest endeavor is not only clever, but it’s extremely classy. I would have preferred to see something else to make this more Megatron-ish, but overall this is solid costuming. Grade: 8.5/10

Devin Taylor with a "Dexter" style suit

@devergent98 always traveling in style.

A photo posted by Detroit Lions (@detroitlionsnfl) on

Our take: While technically not a Halloween costume, Taylor deserves props for this blood-splatter suit he wore on the way to Sunday’s game against the Texans. Taylor is becoming well known for is creative travel-day suits, including this patriotic one and this Christmas-gun-dinosaur classic. Grade: 8/10

Who do you think "won" Halloween? Vote below.

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