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PODcast: Mythbusters edition. What do you do with the coaches?

In the Rage Corner, we also talk Same Old Lions.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Around this time of year, myths start to form. Narratives run rampant and the Detroit Lions faithful end up repeating the same words. Seeing as the Lions go through these spurts every other year, it’s pretty predictable, but I suppose you could also paint it as tradition too.

So let’s address them. Let’s bust some myths about coaching, midseason firings, the Ford Family and much more. We’d rather do that than talk too long about the Chicago game (we still own the Bears though).

We also have our regular segments. Rage Corner is addressed directly to the Same Old Lions crowd. It comes from the heart. So too does Wally’s World, and the answers we give to all of your questions in our mailbag.

This is a pretty jam-packed episode, so you want to download and subscribe right now on iTunes. If you like Stitcher, you can find us there too.

This week on the PODcast

  • A tough loss in Chicago with no real positives to take away this time. You know what went wrong, but we put the final bow on it.
  • Another word on Golden Tate and his performance.
  • You know what? We still own the Bears.
  • Mythbusters! We decided to bust some myths about the Lions. Up first: “Firing the coach midseason will reinvigorate the team,” “the referees are out to get the Lions,” and “The Fords must sell this team to a winner.”
  • Rage Corner is given over solely to addressing the omnipresent nihilists, the Same Old Lions “fans.”
  • Wally’s World, where Wally is mad at Jim Bob Cooter.
  • A reading of Steve Young’s encounter with a referee who wants his daughter to go on a date.
  • The draft value of Jabrill Peppers, the standout defensive back at Michigan right now, and whether the Lions should target him in the first round.
  • How much control do fans have over the losing culture?

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