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Friday open thread: Will you be watching on Sunday?

I know morale is low, but are you fighting through it?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Times are tough for Detroit Lions fans. Most came into 2016 with cautious optimism. With the way the Lions finished in 2015, it would be hard to blame anyone thinking the Lions could potentially continue their success into the following season.

But things haven’t turned out that way. The Lions, after a last-second comeback win in Indianapolis, have dropped three straight including two games to 1-3 teams and two to divisional rivals. The season is perilously close to being lost completely and if the Lions can’t get on track soon, the fanbase will get very apathetic, if they aren’t there already.

With the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles coming to town, it doesn’t appear that turnaround is bound to happen this week.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Will you be watching the Lions play on Sunday?

My answer: Yes (probably*). Obviously, I have a professional obligation to watch the game, but I would be watching regardless. While I have no expectations for the postseason at this point, I do enjoy watching the games every week and hope for a Lions win. Though the big goals for this team are unlikely to be met at this point, there’s no reason as a fan to ignore the joy of individual wins. In fact, with a franchise so unfamiliar with winning, why wouldn’t you soak every ounce of joy from a Lions win? They may hurt the team in terms of draft order, but the reason I watch games is to see my team win. I will continue to watch games until I physically cannot.

Your turn.

*I am sadly stuck in southeastern Florida, and may or may not have access to electricity, internet or TV on Sunday. But assuming everything else is okay, I’m going to work my ass off to find somewhere to watch.

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