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NFL Week 5 picks roundup: Around 80 percent of analysts picking Eagles over Lions

The Lions will have to severely outperform expectations to win on Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

You’ve heard our predictions. You’ve made your own. There are a few in the Pride Of Detroit community that are holding out hope for a Detroit Lions upset over the Philadelphia Eagles, but most are expecting doom and gloom.

But let’s broaden our perspective. Let’s open our doors to the outside world and see if others are spelling the end for the Lions against the undefeated Eagles. Here’s a trip around the local and national media to see where the perception is on the Lions’ chances this week.

Local media

National Media

  • Pro Football Focus only has one of eight analysts on the Lions side this week:

Overall pick distribution:

Locally: 83.3% Eagles

Nationally: 81.4% Eagles