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Lions vs Eagles: What just happened?

Thoughts on the Lions Week Five win.

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The Lions are back in the win column. It feels good, doesn't it? It feels real good, especially after they beat an undefeated team that nobody, myself included, thought they would or could win. There were tons of thoughts that went through my mind in this game. Here are the ones I'm willing to share with the public.

The most Lions thing ever

Somewhere deep in your mind; perhaps over the rainbow somewhere. You had to know this would happen. The Lions were coming off losses to bad teams and were chock full of injuries. Of course they win this game against a good team, because that's what the Lions do. They lose to teams they should beat, but they beat teams they should lose to. Story of your life.

Big Play Slay

Things were going bad. The Lions were looking like they were on the cusp of yet another heartbreaking loss. The Lions desperately needed a hero in this game. Darius Slay became that hero by forcing two of the biggest turnovers of the season back to back. If you were wondering when Slay would earn that money, here's your answer.

Things weren't all great

Let's take a sorrow break here. Yes, the Lions won, but they also gave up another big lead and almost gave up another game. The problem is all too familiar. Going back to the days of Jim Schwartz and beyond, the Lions are world famous for playing half the game and failing to make adjustments. This has to change and it has to change now. Getting the win is fun, but this was more of an Eagles loss than a Lions win. This type of thing doesn't happen every week.

Stafford money again

Despite the fumble and the second half offensive drought, Stafford was on point all game. It's quite clear that Stafford has taken over this team and he's playing on another level in 2016. This is the type of play that could very well get the Lions going on a winning streak in the next few weeks.

Defense was better, but not by much

The Lions defense showed up today. For most of the day. Most expected this game to get out of hand early and that the Eagles would win going away, but the Lions defense didn't let things get out of hand till the third quarter. That's actually an improvement.

The two turnovers were really the biggest factor. However, the Lions holding the Eagles to 116 yards on the ground was big too. The Lions dared a rookie quarterback to beat them with his arm and that dare worked out in the Lions favor. Granted, it almost didn't.

Caldwell showed emotion

Someone alert the government! The berserker has been unleashed! Nevermind. I'm being told that was an isolated incident and that he's back to his regular state.

It was nice to see Caldwell show that kind of fire for once. But at the end of the day, I still don't believe he's saved his job. Of course I've thought he'd be excused even if the Lions make the playoffs all summer. Will a run here before the bye week change my mind? "We'll see."

Out of the basement

With a win today and a Bears loss, the Lions' stay in the basement of the NFC North is over for the time being. With the Lions going on their upcoming stretch of home games and the Bears facing Green Bay and Minnesota in the coming weeks, they'll have a real chance to create some separation. I know nobody wants to believe it, but a Packers loss on Sunday night will put the Lions back in control of their destiny.

One last thing

G_{\mu \nu }+\Lambda g_{\mu \nu }={8\pi G \over c^{4}}T_{\mu \nu }

That is the mathematical equation general relativity.  This was made by Albert Einstein. Thought to be one of the smartest men in history. It does not take him to realize that if you take a knee in the end zone, you automatically get the on the 25 yard line. Stop taking the ball out Andre. Stop telling him it's OK, Joe Marciano. Everyone just stop it.

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