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PODcast: Thanksgiving-ganza Listcast, Vikings preview, bold predictions

We packed this one with stuffing and tons of content. Come in and listen to the staff talk Lions football.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always a fun time leading up to Thanksgiving: with travel and football and all the rest. There’s food all over the place and there is absolutely nothing that happened this year that will turn your extended family utterly dysfunctional around a dead bird.

With all that in mind, we busted out the Listcast for this one, an homage to the fine days of our early PODcast roots. The question of side dishes is very crucial to understanding Thanksgiving, much like how the PODcast is crucial to understanding Lions football.

We also talk about the Jaguars game and whether or not you can count that as a “bad” win for various notions of sloppy play, and we examine the Jaguars game that just unfolded before your eyes on Sunday.

Also, with Jeremy Reisman traveling, we pulled out the big guns: it’s the long-anticipated return of Kyle Yost, the bearer of good takes (except for one). You don’t want to miss it.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Recapping Jags madness! It’s a disease contracted from jungle cats, and it’s deadly.
  • Was the Jaguars win a “bad win”? Can you have one of those in the NFL? Columnists and fans are decidedly unhappy with how the Lions won, and we investigate.
  • A short Vikings preview. A eulogy for Blair Walsh, and Kyle Yost speaks of solidarity among kickers.
  • Rage Corner comes back to talk about placards and why you shouldn’t be holding these stupid things up.
  • Ryan Mathews makes a bold prediction
  • Thanksgiving brings back LISTCAST! We rank the top five Thanksgiving side dishes and Ryan hates my love for one hard-working tuber.
  • Mailbag, as per the norm. Questions about Thanksgiving, Lions games on Thanksgiving, Nintendo, the DeAndre Levy-to-Thurston Armbrister conversion rate and a whole lot more.

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