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Lions vs. Vikings: What just happened?

Thoughts on the Lions' huge win on Thanksgiving

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Happy freaking Thanksgiving everyone!! The Lions are definitively in first place in the NFC North after a thrilling 16-13 win over the Vikings. The turkey and pumpkin pie is going to taste so much better tonight after this win. As always, I have thoughts on the game. These are those thoughts. However, these thoughts will be a bit shorter today because I'm also having these thoughts right now.

Big. Play. Slay.

Darius, you beautiful human being you. The Lions needed this win on Thanksgiving. Not only to take sole possession of first place, but to also prove to themselves and everyone else that they could do it. With the game more on the line than it could possibly be, Slay stepped up big time.

I just... I just can't explain how happy that pick makes me. Three cheers for Darius Slay. Hip Hip... Hooray!


Matt Prater has ice water running through his veins. Not only did he nail the game tying field goal from 48 yards out, he then came in and laughed off an icing attempt to nail the game winner from 40 yards. He also tried to come on the field earlier in the game for a 66 yard try. Matt Prater don't care. Field goals are his life. He eats and sleeps field goals. All he does is field goals. No matter what: field goals.

Defense is getting better

Nobody wants to admit it, but the defense is playing a lot better as the season goes on. It wasn't long ago when they were averaging 25 or more points per game. After Thanksgiving, they've allowed 17 points per game in the last five games. We like to say it's really bad, but the Lions defense is certainly far from the worst.


Matthew looked like he was going to kill it after the first drive. Then things got a little soft. Then he went back to being Matthew Stafford again. Think of it like an Oreo. Beginning and end are hard, and the middle is soft... and I don't know where I'm going with this. Matthew played fairly well is all I'm trying to say in the end.

This is a lot of fun, but..

These comeback wins are great, but wouldn't it be nice if the Lions just went out there and dominated for once this season? Maybe it will happen next week when the Lions play the 27th ranked Saints defense. But then there's that whole thing about their offense being ranked first in total offense. Well, let's keep having fun I guess.

Leave Aretha alone

Man, I'm surprised that Aretha Franklin took so much disrespect after singing a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. Was it long? Yes. Was it Free Bird long? No. Come on, people! She's the Queen of Soul for crying out loud! You should be happy that you even got a chance to see her perform anything. Now as for Andy Grammer. First off, who are you? Second of all, who are you?


That was a good time. I'm glad the Lions got the win today and took first place. Let me get serious for a moment. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I also want to say I'm very thankful for everyone who reads my articles every week. I can't tell you how happy it makes me. I'm thankful for my family and my friends. I love you Melissa. My wife and best friend in the whole world. Lastly I'm thankful for Pride of Detroit. Thank you for allowing me to be creative in my own weird ways and for all the support and help you guys give me. Happy Thanksgiving. Let's all dance!

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