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PODcast: A playoff roadmap emerges

It’s finally time to talk about that word.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no, we said that word... it’s coming.

The Lions are a full game ahead of the Vikings and have swept Minnesota for the season. With five games remaining, the Lions are no longer hunting, but instead the hunted when it comes to the NFC North division crown. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole picture around the NFC is tightening as the Wild Card race is probably not going to leave much leeway. Can the Lions still drop this? Probably, but why write about it when you can talk about it on the PODcast? We discuss the precarious roadmap for the Lions, cleanup from Minnesota, questions about the defense and a whole lot more in the weekly podcast for Pride Of Detroit.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Back again from Thanksgiving! Do you have some turkey left over? Boy, we got some thoughts left over from Thursday, we’ll tell you that. Sit down and share a few with us.
  • With a clean sweep of the Vikings, how does the NFC North play out from here?
  • A lot has been made about the Lions and their ways of winning. Is this ability to be clutch a “skill”? How many flaws does this team have? Is the defense, of all things, improving?
  • With the Saints ahead, we start to chart out the remaining games and how the Lions can make the playoffs from here. With the schedule getting harder, what are the odds for stumbling, and how bad of a stumble can the Lions afford? What’s the most important game left? What does it all mean for Jim Caldwell?
  • Rage Corner comes back to take on all y’all who dared say anything bad about Aretha Franklin. Answer for your sins.
  • Ryan shares the latest from Wally’s World, courtesy of the bizarre ending of the Ohio State-Michigan game.
  • Mailbag, but you knew that already. Wing sauce flavors for the Lions team, Thanksgiving in other countries, more deconstruction of “Africa,” and some questions about the Lions offense.

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