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First Byte: Lions at Vikings preview podcast

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We sat down with Ted Glover to talk about some Minnesota football and fun. Yes, fun.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Get ready for Sunday with our latest episode of First Byte. The Lions are facing down the Vikings in the cold confines of Minneapolis (domed) and the frozen wastelands of the north (but maybe not because the weather is all messed and it could be like 68 degrees). US Bank Stadium will be filled with bloodthirsty savages (Minnesota people are actually kinda nice I guess) and the Lions will be in for one hell of a fight.

We spoke with Ted Glover from The Daily Norseman, who is a very chill dude and pretty funny, about what to expect in this game. He filled us in on all the details of the Vikings injuries, the changes to expect in offense as Pat Shurmur takes over for Norv Turner, plus keys to the game and highlights top matchups to watch for between the Lions and Vikings. It’s all here and it’ll get you ready for football in half an hour. You can’t beat that.

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