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Week 9 expert predictions: Our staff is split on Vikings-Lions

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Here are our predictions, who are you picking?

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

For the first time ever this season, the Pride Of Detroit staff has no clear consensus on who will win the Detroit Lions game this week. I’m a bit surprised how long it took considering how unpredictable this team has been each and every week. However, the Minnesota Vikings are arguably the toughest opponent they’ve had this week, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the slight majority of our staff is picking Minnesota to win this week.

Interestingly—putting Chris Lemieux’s weekly comical prediction aside—every score prediction has the winner scoring no more than 24 points. If history is any sign, that means you should bet the over. Just about any time we’ve expected a shootout this year, we’ve seen a defensive battle. Any time we’ve expected a low-scoring affair, the scoreboard has been lit up.

Here’s a look at the specific score predictions:

Joseph Buszek (5-3): 21-20 Lions
Brian Packey (5-3): 23-16 Vikings
Kyle Yost (5-3): 24-14 Vikings
Alex Reno (4-4): 17-13 Lions
Justin Simon (4-4): 17-6 Vikings
Ryan Mathews (4-4): 14-10 Lions
Andrew Kato (4-4): 20-16 Lions
Mike Payton (4-4): Vikings win
Chris Lemieux (4-4): 300-299 Lions
Jeremy Reisman (4-4): 24-16 Vikings
Kent Lee Platte (2-5): 17-16 Vikings

Now it’s your turn to give us your score. Below is our weekly Prediction Widget where you have a chance to represent Pride Of Detroit in comparison with the rest of the SB Nation communities. But don’t forget to add your prediction to the comment section for a chance to earn On Paper Champion of the World honors in our next preview.