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Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings: First half open thread

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Come chat during the Detroit Lions’ Week 9 game.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

This is about as big of a game that a Week 9 matchup can get for the Detroit Lions. At 4-4, the Lions are teetering between being a contender in the mediocre NFC or falling off completely and getting an early jump on draft scouting.

The importance of this matchup cannot really be understated. A win over the Minnesota Vikings would push the Lions to 5-4, a record that has seen 52 percent of teams reach the postseason. While a loss would drop the Lions to 4-5—and 0-3 in divisional games. Just a mere 12 percent of teams have made the playoffs after starting 4-5. That’s a 40 percent swing all in one game. What better way to enter the bye week than with a huge divisional win to push the team over .500 again?

Before the game starts, here’s a look at all of our reading material for the game.