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Lions vs Vikings: What just happened?

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Giving thoughts on the Lions huge Week 9 win.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

You're ice cold Golden Tate. Ice cold. The Detroit Lions needed to get a win on the road in Week 9, and they did just that against the division leader with a 22-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings in overtime. It wasn't the prettiest of games, but that is what made it such a fun game to watch. I might have even said that if we lost (probably not). Anyways, I have thoughts on this game as I always do. These are those thoughts.

Does it really even need to be said anymore? Matthew Stafford is having the best season of his life, and he is an absolute nightmare for defenses when the clock has less than two minutes left. To get the Lions into field goal position and then lead them down the field in overtime for what has to be the biggest win of the season, I mean I'm getting tired of saying it. Issac let them hear it.

Defense played

That's really it. They actually played and played somewhat well. A goal line stand, a blocked field goal and pushing the Vikings out of field goal range after a Stafford interception saved the Lions in this game. The Vikings did a lot to beat themselves, but you have to give the Lions defense a lot of credit for helping this team win Sunday.

Anquan Boldin

This may seem out of nowhere and not have much to do with the outcome of the game, but Anquan Boldin is looking like the Lions biggest free agent steal this year. In fact, he's probably the most underrated free agent signings in the entire league. Going from a guy that seemingly no team wanted, to a guy that leads the Lions with five touchdowns is a big deal that I feel has gone unnoticed. So I hereby notice it.

You're a fool for this one Golden

Doesn't it make you want to cry a little? It wasn't long ago that all the talk about Golden Tate was about how he wasn't playing well and some Lions fans wanted to trade him. Now he's doing stuff like this in big games. It's safe to say that Tate has really turned it around.

PS: I'll probably watch this video 50 times this week.

Bad stuff

There was bad stuff here too. Matthew Stafford failed to go five straight games without an interception. That interception against the Vikings was both ugly and unnecessary. I think Stafford made up for it though. The Lions still have a serious weakness in the run game too. Strip away Riddick's 42-yard scamper and the Lions ran for 55 yards on 24 carries. That's not good. Lastly the drops continue to hurt the Lions. If they can simply get that under control, we're talking about the differences between wins and losses.


Eric Ebron, or as the announcers called him once, Eric ReEbron, quietly had a really good game. He didn't touch the end zone, but he was there with a big catch on every important play the Lions needed him to be there for. His seven catches for 92 yards led all Lions receivers today. Pretty good for guy that needed to step up and show fans he was worth the pick.

Fun stat of the day

Thank you Patrick Sawyer for bringing this to my attention. It's always fun to watch your team defy expectations. As you can see, they did that and then some on Sunday. Anyone out there in small group that knew the Lions would win?

Living on a Prater

Matt Prater was money on Sunday. I know we gave Stafford and Tate a ton of credit. But Prater may be the unspoken hero of this game. I would possibly even give him the game ball. In fact you can give him the game ball by going to our weekly game ball poll and voting for him.

Now that the shameless plug for Pride Of Detroit is out of the way, let me remind you of the Prater's clutchness.

Oh yeah. That's why he plays here. The other 50+ yarder he made Sunday is another reason.

Now what?

This is the exact type of win you want to get going into the bye week. The Packers look to be on the rocks against the Colts as I write this. But all three other NFC North teams have been gifted winnable games in Week 10, while the Lions are out on vacation. Either way, there's a little chance the Lions could come out of the break in the second wild card spot. No that's not a joke. I know. I can't believe it either. Here's your weekly Fresh Prince fix.