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The Lions were mathematically dead, and then Stafford worked his magic

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The Vikings held a 99.9% win probability per ESPN right after the go-ahead touchdown.

Math is cruel. It will ruin your grades and every project you ever undertake because you forgot to carry the one or used the wrong function or whatever other bogus crap the universe comes up with to foil your every moment. Math is not your friend. It hates you.

Math also hated the Lions, showing some mass dadgum #disrespek right after Rhett Ellison’s touchdown put the Vikings ahead 16-13. ESPN’s Win Probability put Minnesota’s chances of icing the game at 99.9% at that point.

Sheer impossibility. Of course, it all worked out according to logic: the Lions offense had been arse the whole day against a Vikings defense who would be surging against them, and even if they were effective they had a mere 27 seconds or so to play with.

Of course, we all saw what happened after that: Stafford’s clutch goodness to put Prater in range to send the game to overtime. Then Golden Tate leaped into the endzone and won the game. Lions 1, Math 0.

(Also: charge your phone, Patrick.)