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Lions vs. Bears: What just happened?

Thoughts on the Lions Week 14 win.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

How? I just... I mean... Seriously?

How many more times can a man's heart take games like this? Despite the heart attack the Detroit Lions gave their fans for the eighth time this season, they went on to beat the Bears 20-17. As always, I have thoughts. These are those thoughts.

Stafford still MVP

Did he throw two picks on Sunday? Yes. Did he wear those damned gloves? Yes. Did he lead the Lions to yet another fourth quarter comeback win? You bet he did. There was a point in this game that the universal thought was that Derek Carr would keep his spot above Stafford in the MVP discussion. Then Stafford did this.

Yeah. That's your quarterback taking the game into his own hands and getting things done. Be happy. Let's hope that Stafford's hand is healed up by next Sunday. Let's also hope that the average freak occurrence Stafford interception doesn't creep it's ugly little head out of the shadows again.

Lions defense was bad and good

Yes that's possible. They were good because they allowed fewer than 21 points in seven straight games for the first time since 1961. Thanks to Kyle Meinke for that statistic. May all your nights be filled with cat stuff. Anyways, they were bad because they allowed Matt Barkley to look like a stud at times. Going into the hardest stretch of the season, you can't allow that type of thing to happen anyone.

Marvin P.I.

Marvin Jones didn't have that great of a game when you look at stats. Four catches for 67 yards did lead the team. But it was Marvin's ability or accidental ability to draw two massive pass interference calls that really shined. Sometimes a little great acting after a failed play goes a long way. Oh this isn't an anomaly either. Reno, hit em with a stat.

We have the best stats.

Bye, Bell

Man I really enjoyed having you back and I'm glad you were here for the win. But I can't see the Lions moving on with Joique Bell once Theo Riddick comes back. On Sunday he did next to nothing except get called on a block in the back and lose two yards on a play in the fourth quarter. I suppose it would be ok if they held on to him for the rest of the season as a healthy scratch too.


I've said once, and I say it again: Anquan Boldin may be the best free agent signing of the year. I'm not just talking Lions either. I'm talking the entire league. Since joining the Lions, he's accounted for seven touchdowns and countless third down conversions. Boldin's very presence on the field has saved the Lions offense on several occasions. The 36-year-old also brings a wealth of knowledge and veteran presence to this locker room that can't afford to get comfortable. Lastly, congrats to the old man for making some history on Sunday.


Dwayne Washington looked pretty good in this game. The rookie accounted for 64 yards on 16 carries and probably would have had more had he not banged his knee late in the game. I still don't get not using Zach Zenner as the primary back in this situation. But I was really happy with Washington's play in the second half, especially the play where the entire Bears defense couldn't stop him from getting a first. Good job, Rock.


Is it possible that Travis Swanson may be the most important player on the Lions offensive line? You saw what happened on Sunday. The line had a lot of trouble keeping pressure off of Stafford, granted the Bears defensive line is pretty good. Travis Swanson in the lineup would have made a big difference over having Laken Tomlinson in. Let's hope Swanson is ready to go next week.

Making history

Here's something interesting: The Lions have never won in Weeks 9,11,12,13 and 14 in one season until Sunday. There won't be any banners going up for this anytime soon, but this gives you an idea of how well the Lions have been playing so far. This has to continue.

What was your thoughts Lions fans? Be sure to leave you them in the comment section below or come chat with me on Twitter @POD_Payton.

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