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Lions notes: Ref apologizes to Graham Glasgow for calling penalty on wrong team

Simple mistake, really.

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
  • There was a bizarre sequence early in the Detroit Lions’ game against the Chicago Bears in which Lions center Graham Glasgow was penalized for illegal hands to the face. When CBS pulled up a replay of the play, this is what they found:

The officials had clearly called the penalty on the wrong team, and they admitted as much during the game. Here’s Glasgow via the Detroit Free Press:

Glasgow said he was told: “Oh, I just switched you guys up. I meant to call it on 91, but you were blocking him, so I accidentally called it on you.”

“I was like, ‘Oh.’ They tell us not to yell at the refs, so I’m like, ‘Whatever, man.’”

  • Speaking of Glasgow, he was the highest-rated player on offense for the Lions according to Pro Football Focus. Nevin Lawson was the team’s best defensive player on Sunday.

  • Congrats to Anquan Boldin for his amazing career (so far):

  • As always, the postgame locker room celebration is a must-watch:

  • Anyone in the know was screaming that the Lions would spread the ball more this year without Calvin Johnson. They were right:
  • Though the Lions defense has been turbulent at times, they managed to do something they haven’t in 55 years: