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NFL Week 15 expert picks: Staff is split on Lions-Giants

We don’t know what to expect on Sunday.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

With the Detroit Lions’ biggest game of the season on the horizon, the Pride Of Detroit staff is conflicted. Should we stay optimistic as this team continues to defy expectations and just plain win? Or should we be concerned that the Lions haven’t been tested by a team with a better record than 7-6 and that Matthew Stafford may or may not have a serious issue with his throwing hand? The staff here just isn’t sure what will happen against the New York Giants, and that’s why we’re evenly split on our picks this week.

Joseph Buszek (10-3): 24-23 Lions
Ryan Mathews (9-4): 21-20 Lions
Andrew Kato (9-4): 20-13 Giants
Brian Packey (8-5): 29-13 Giants
Kyle Yost (8-5): 20-17 Giants
Alex Reno (8-5): 21-20 Lions
Chris Lemieux (7-6): 4π-5 Giants
Mike Payton (7-6): Lions win
Justin Simon (7-6): 17-16 Lions
Kent Lee Platte (6-6): 20-16 Lions
Jeremy Reisman (6-7): 17-16 Giants

Overall, six staffers are picking the Lions to upset the Giants, while five think the Lions will fall to 9-5 on the year.

What are your thoughts? Add your score to the prediction widget below, but also give us your score in the comment section. Each week, we give out a sloppily made photoshopped prize to the closest prediction in our On Paper column. You have to leave your prediction in the comment section to win.