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Golden Tate will honor Craig Sager with these custom cleats

The legendary basketball broadcaster’s life will be honored by one of the Lions’ own.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Six Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On Dec. 15, well-beloved sports broadcaster Craig Sager passed away after a protracted battle against leukemia. A popular sideline figure in basketball, Sager was known for his colorful suits and playful interviews with coaches and athletes, and he was a staple fixture for those who watched the NBA. His passing shook the sports world and countless individuals, both within and outside of sports, lined up to remember the life of a man who helped make sports a fun and happy place.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate will pay his own respects to Craig Sager. He revealed on his Instagram account on Friday that he would wear a custom set of cleats, modeled after one of Craig Sager’s iconic and outlandish suits, on Sunday.

In honor of Craig Sager I will be wearing these tmrw. #ripcraigsager

A photo posted by Golden Tate (@showtimetate) on

(For the curious, the suit Sager is wearing in that picture, and in our header image, was worn during Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.)

It is unlikely that Tate will be able to wear the cleats during Sunday’s game without drawing a fine. Last week the NFL eased its rules in regards to custom footwear in a #MyCauseMyCleats promotion for Week 14, which came after years of conflict over NFL athletes wishing to use cleats to promote awareness and charitable causes of their choosing. The hope is, in the future, such shows of respect and humanity will be able to be displayed on Sunday.

Rest in peace, Craig.