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Week 15 Detroit Lions Song of the Game: ‘Stand Tall’

After riding high on a five-game winning streak, things came crashing back to a stark reality with a loss to the Giants on Sunday. Not to fear, Lions faithful, here’s an uplifting message from one of the biggest stars of 2016.

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

All it took was one loss, the first one since October, for the perception many had of this team to change. And not just slightly alter, but to become outright hopeless. There were plenty of things not to like about the Lions’ performance against the Giants. The run game is woefully incapable of producing, the secondary is extremely thin due to injuries and things don’t get any easier in Week 16 for Detroit as they head to Dallas to face the NFC-leading Cowboys.

But folks, when things look bleak, there’s hope to be found somewhere. And sometimes, during those tough times, that hope is deep down inside you; it’s up to you to reach down inside yourself and bring it into the light.

Lions-Giants Song of the Game: “Stand Tall” by Childish Gambino

The Lions lost. It’s a feeling that none of us have had to deal with in over a calendar month. Though the team has consistently climbed the mountain, looked back down into the valley of defeat and then found themselves hanging from said cliff, things have ended up working out. They’ve even been so arrogant to hold onto the ledge with a single hand—maybe just to feel alive, maybe to make us feel alive, who the hell knows—but more often than not, they’ve pulled themselves up to the summit and established an identity: never out, always in it until the clock hits zeros.

On Sunday, that wasn’t the case. The game started heading in the wrong direction after Zach Zenner fumbled an opportunity to give the Lions a lead early in the game. But the Giants proved why they’re a good football team: their defense is probably the best in the NFC. Even after losing their top corner in Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple stepped up. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie stepped up. They have depth, they have talent at every level, they’ll be a team who will be a tough out in the playoffs.

But this tune from Childish Gambino’s latest release, “Awaken, My Love!”, it’s important to listen to it whenever you’re feeling down about the Lions, and that’s going to happen a lot this week. The Cowboys are America’s Team, and “Sunday Night Football” confirmed that the machine is back to operating at peak efficiency.

When the sun is rising over streets so barren
Since the evening, colors flash before my eyes
I feel like a child, so young and new in '92

The sun rose over the many streets that sprawl across the Metro Detroit area today and there was no hope to be found for this football team. From childhood, we’ve been raised as fans of this team, for both the good and bad. No matter your age, when you caught your first glimpse of Lions football, you yourself were both young and new, and impressionable.

How this used to feel so far and free
Now these broken souls are all I see
Fists have fallen to our side
We may cry alone, I feel we know where all of this is headed

Literally a little over a week ago, the great debate among Lions fans was who should we be rooting for: Green Bay or Seattle? The two-seed was within our grasps. After Sunday Night Football last week, when the Giants took out the Cowboys, there were audible murmurs: “A Tampa Bay victory next week could carve a path to the No. 1 seed!” Now, after the hardship and uncertainty Week 15’s outcome has brought, all I see are broken souls. “I feel we know where all of this is headed” muses ‘Bino. We know where this season is going. We know what it’s going to come down to. Week 17 is two weeks away, but Lions fans are already there. Instead, go to this place:

Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall
If you are strong, you cannot fall

Hold onto every last bit of hope you have because once the season is over, it’s done. Think back for a moment. Think back to the time when the Lions started the season 1-3 and Caldwell’s seat was warmer than it’s ever been. Think back to all of the flags in the Tennessee game. Think back to Stafford and the offense looking lost in Chicago. Think of being eviscerated by Green Bay in Lambeau before making it somewhat of a game at the end. Wait, what’s that? Hope?

Be strong, Lions fans.