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Week 16 power rankings: Lions clinging to a top-10 spot

Are the Lions still a top-10 team? Experts don’t seem to agree.

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NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions lost for the first time in over a month and that’s all it took for the media and a handful of fans to abandon ship. Detroit is still 9-5 and in complete control over their own destiny, but public confidence in the team has been broken after their disappointing loss to the Giants. The Lions didn’t plummet in most power rankings, but at this point it’s no longer clear if they belong in the conversation of top-10 teams. Check it out.

Predictably, some media outlets are buying into the Packers at this point, despite their near loss to the Bears last week. Both ESPN and Yahoo! have the Packers ahead of the Lions at this point and nearly other ranking have the two teams within a few spots of each other.

Detroit will have a prime opportunity to prove that they are “for real” this week, as they face off against an undisputed top-two team in the league. The Dallas Cowboys are ranked either first or second in every power ranking this week after they handled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night.

  • SB Nation - 2nd
  • - 2nd
  • Yahoo! Sports - 1st
  • CBS Sports - 2nd
  • USA Today - 2nd
  • ESPN - 1st