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PODcast: Cleaning up after New York, Holiday movie LISTCAST

It’s a wonderful time of the year for ulcers.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The season keeps growing shorter, the window smaller and the sphincters tighter. There’s important things to talk about on the PODcast, and we also talk about the Detroit Lions, too.

It’s important to keep things fun, because football is fun and we’re having fun even as this whole thing threatens to crash and burn. It’s also the holiday season, which is merry and jolly and very drunk.

You know what this calls for? LISTCAST

It’s back, a furious beast discussing the best holiday movies for the season. We also talk about the Lions, because that’s important. It’s a jam-packed PODcast, just what you want.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Boy everyone got mad. We pick up the pieces from the loss to the Giants and talk about what is and isn’t working right now for the Lions.
  • Has this team changed much, or is it just the same old formula against a team that matched up well against the Lions?
  • Updates on the latest injuries, which are plaguing the team more and more down the stretch.
  • Are we, perhaps, overreacting to one loss a bit much?
  • Rage Corner comes in strong as Jeremy talks about coach challenges and Chris tackles a pedantic astrophysicist.
  • HOLIDAY MOVIE LISTCAST. Jeremy gets very mad at the fact that Ryan and I have love for one amazing Christmas movie.
  • Mailbag tackles the looming question of fish and chips, watching the division for the Packers, time machines, pessimism and magnets.

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