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Friday open thread: Are you okay with the Lions backing into the playoffs?

Are you okay with a 9-7 Lions team making it into the postseason?

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Earlier in the week, we discussed a possibility where the Detroit Lions could get into the playoffs as a Wild Card despite losing their three final games and falling to 9-7. The first step in that scenario—Washington losing to Carolina on Monday night—has already happened, meaning if the Buccaneers lose to the Saints, Washington loses again to the Bears (or to the Giants next week) and the Falcons win one of their final two games, the Lions will clinch a playoff spot.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Are you fine with the Lions backing into the playoffs?

My answer: Absolutely 100 percent yes. I understand the trepidation of a Lions team on a three-game losing streak heading into the playoffs as a road team and likely an underdog. It would be a pretty big disappointment to see the team limp into the playoffs after a Lions home playoff game was so close to a reality. But getting into the postseason is always the first goal, and, truthfully, I don’t care how the Lions accomplish it.

Don’t give me the "Lions don’t deserve it" excuse, because if they get in, they deserve to get in. That’s how the rules work. And if there’s anything this team has taught us through the first three months of the seasons, it’s that you can never truly count them out. They’ve hung with every team this season, and I wouldn’t put a road playoff victory past this crazy team. So, hell yeah, I would take a playoff spot, even if it meant other teams fell apart and the Lions didn’t win their way in.

Your turn.