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Saturday open thread: Will the Lions clinch a playoff spot today?

The Detroit Lions can clinch a playoff spot on Saturday. Do you think they will?

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a fair amount of pessimism surrounding the Detroit Lions fan base right now. After a disheartening loss to the Giants, suddenly Detroit’s final two games look daunting and the playoff situation tenuous.

But the tension and stress could be eased if the Lions get a stroke of luck on Saturday. Even though Detroit doesn’t play until Monday, they could have a playoff spot locked up before they even take the field. As a reminder, here is what Detroit needs to happen today to clinch a playoff spot (you can view all four of the playoff scenarios here):

Washington loss or tie at Bears AND
Buccaneers loss to Saints AND
Falcons win or tie at Panthers

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Do you think the Lions will clinch a playoff spot today?

My answer: No, but I think it will be very close to happening. By Vegas odds, the Bucs are favored to lose and the Falcons are favored to win. The only upset that needs to happen is Washington losing to the Bears in Chicago. The Bears have been a tough out for most teams, especially on Soldier Field, so Washington better bring it. However, I just think one of these three teams slip up and the Lions will be forced to win at least one game down the stretch.

Your turn.