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Tuesday open thread: How do you like the Lions’ chances vs. Packers?

After Monday’s loss, do you like the Lions’ chances to beat the Packers?

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Monday night’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys is the kind of defeat that will shake the entire fanbase. After a first half that the Detroit Lions seemingly proved they belong with the NFL’s elite, they fell completely flat coming out of the locker room and were thoroughly wiped off the field.

Now the Lions’ 2016 season comes down to one final game. If they defeat the Packers at home, they’ll clinch their first division title in 23 years. If they lose, they’ll likely go home having finished a disheartening season with three straight losses.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

How do you like the Lions’ chances against the Packers?

My answer: I don’t feel much different than I did before the game. Monday’s game was strange. After the first half, I literally said aloud, “No matter what happens in the second half, I feel a lot better about this team than I did after the Giants game.” Of course, I did not anticipate the complete collapse in the second half.

Still, we saw this offense finally come together as a balanced unit in the first half, and the Packers defense is one of the worst in the league. Detroit absolutely should be able to keep up with Green Bay, even though Aaron Rodgers is playing at his best and the Lions’ secondary is playing at their worst. I would feel a whole lot better if we got some good injury news on Darius Slay, but regardless, I expect this team to compete on Sunday night.

Your turn.