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PODcast: The final showdown is here.

How would you feel if the Lions backed into the playoffs? Get ready for Green Bay.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A brutal defeat in Dallas and one more game to play. Some of ya’ll have made up your minds on what’s going to happen already, but even more just want to dig into the fun right now. It’s less than a week until the final game of the season and the intrigue abounds.

Oh yeah, Alex Reno is back on the PODcast too. I should mention that.

We’re breaking down everything from Dallas and turning our eyes to what needs to happen for the Lions to get into the playoffs. We ask some questions to challenge how much you’re going to feel about this team, and we look at where the Packers can be beat. It’s the big damn rivalry and dammit it’s for all the marbles.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Talking about Dallas. It hurt, a lot, but we got plenty of juice out of it.
  • Zach Zenner, A’Shawn Robinson? Guys, we can have positives, right? Maybe? Please?
  • The Lions can get into the playoffs with a win or a little scoreboard watching. But how do we feel if the Lions simply back into the playoffs? Is a playoff berth all that matters?
  • How much with the final game will change the coaching situation for the Lions?
  • Breaking down what we know of the Packers. They can be beat, but how? What will the Lions need to do to win the day?
  • Rage Corner takes aim at not pulling Stafford and ESPN’s shoddy production that has come to typify “Monday Night Football.”
  • Mailbag!