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Week 16 Song of the Game: “Wires” by Red Fang

It’s all coming down to this.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing on our season playlist, we’ve come down to this. Week 16 is done. Torched, battered and deep-fried, and if you flambé it what’s the difference? The Dallas Cowboys routed the Detroit Lions in the second half of “Monday Night Football,” but after a brutal weekend for the NFC playoff picture, it’s hard to think that nearly every Lions fan was already turning towards their hated foes, the Green Bay Packers, and mentally preparing for New Year’s Day.

Things are looking bleak, but when you got one last shot to make things right, there’s still some determination in your heart.

Lions-Cowboys Song of the Game: “Wires” by Red Fang

Goddamn, it’s only two games, but circumstances as they are means it’s getting closer and closer to doom. But that’s okay. The Lions know doom fairly well. They’ve been through the hell of it all and haven’t always won, but the familiarity breeds a little knowledge.

Red Fang is one of my favorite doom/stoner metal bands out there, a scion of the new northwest sound. Their music videos generally consist of them getting drunk and crashing things and doing things involving more drinking. All in all it’s pretty emblematic of what I like. But some of the music has a tendency towards the mellow moods, and “Wires” is emblematic of such.

Kid, you're under fire, your life is coming down to the wire.
Baby, you'll take the captains hand, carry a ship through burning sands.
Cradle your rifle like a man.

With the full bore of Green Bay’s power staring down the Lions and the possibility that this game could be for all the marbles depending what happens with the Giants and Washington, it’s all coming down to the wire and all the team can do is just grit and give it one last shot. I like that. That’s pretty chill.

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