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Saturday open thread: Are you doing anything special for Sunday night?

It’s the biggest Detroit Lions game in recent memory. What are you doing to celebrate it?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In my short 30 years of Detroit Lions fandom, I don’t believe I’ve ever had this much anticipation for a game. A month ago, we all looked at this game on the schedule and hoped it didn’t mean much for Detroit. Yet I think we all knew—deep down—that this was meant to be. Week 17. Lions vs. Packers. The NFC North title on the line and on “Sunday Night Football,” no less.

So as we near the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, today’s Question of the Day is:

Are you doing anything special for Sunday night’s game between the Lions and Packers?

My answer: I don’t have anything planned outside of the ordinary for gameday. In other words, I will spend my typical 2 hours before the game in a fetal position asking myself why I choose to do this to myself week after week from September to January. After that, I’ll fire up Ryan Mathews’ “Ultimate Madden Playlist” on Spotify, don my DeAndre Levy jersey, and stare into the abyss for another 2 hours.

If I knew more Lions fans in the Los Angeles area, I’d consider throwing a party or going out somewhere to watch the game, but it’s probably better that I’m within the confines of a safe, familiar place.

Your turn.