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Did Matthew Stafford play the Saints game sick?

It’s nothing chicken soup might cure.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Matthew Stafford had excellent numbers against the Saints, going 30 for 42 passes for 341 yards and two touchdown passes. His performance helped propel the Lions to a commanding 28-13 victory over the Saints, and in the aftermath it’s all impressive. But was Stafford playing with an additional handicap on Sunday?

From Kyle Meinke over on MLive:

"He got into the facility this morning and said he wasn't feeling very well," Tate said. "That's something he'll probably tell you guys, but that just shows what type of heart he has. I mean, this guy just found a way -- I don't know what it was, head cold or something -- but just found a way."

Of course, when asked about it Stafford played the matter off and said that Tate was overblowing the situation. “I’m okay,” Stafford said. “He’s making a bigger deal out of it.”

Saints-Lions probably won’t rate up there with the Jordan flu game or the Joe Montana chicken soup Cotton Bowl, but I suppose if you dig hard enough you could make something out of the Stafford Head Cold Game, a regular season matchup that did not, in fact, mean anything world-shattering nor will it come with some commercial attempt to cash in on being a miracle cure for the itis.