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Week 13 Detroit Lions Song of the Game: “Heavy Metal Kings”

Hard spitting lyrics from Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill serenade Lions domination.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

After a day of domination over the opponent, it’s time to update our on-going season playlist yet again. With a bold proclamation, the playlist needs some heavy, bold-ass music to get it going.

Lions-Saints Song of the Game: “Heavy Metal Kings” by Jedi Mind Tricks

There’s an entire catalogue of Jedi Mind Tricks that demands your attention for this kind of hardcore underground hip hop. There were about three different songs I nearly went with over “Heavy Metal Kings” but it’s hard to top its raw taste as Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill talk about the ways they’re gonna kill you over top Stoupe’s samples.

But why Jedi Mind Tricks? Vinnie Paz spends a lot of time talking about cutting up or beating the crap out of the undefinable “you.” I’d warrant to say it’s probably one of the most crucial pillars of their music. That’s why they’re my song for the Saints game. It’s background drop for the way the Lions took New Orleans to task.

Four quarters of domination, never trailing as the Lions played their most decisive win of the season over a Saints offense that was coming off dunking 49 points on the Rams. That should have been no small goal against a misaligned and malodorous Detroit defense, but instead the backfield made MVP candidate Drew Brees look hapless. Glover Quin and Darius Slay dominated the Saints receivers and the Lions offense left the Saints bleeding on Bourbon Street.

I’d say that qualifies as some straight domination, and that’s why Jedi Mind Tricks is getting the nod this week.

I murder you and laugh, I'm Barry Sanders slashin' through the path
You a magician's assistant, I'm sawin' you in half
You a heathen that rely on the beast
I'm a demon at the fire crucifyin' the priest
I shine over beats, a mother****** beast on the mic
I'm a lion out the jungle, raw meat what I like
I bleed in a fight, Vinnie like the taste of his blood
And I'll open up your stomach like the case of a slug

Here’s the updated playlist: