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Ask POD: Home cookin’ gumbo

Good feelings and a mailbag. Get your questions in now for the next episode of PODcast.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I’m honestly running out of things to say to open the mailbag. The Detroit Lions have been doing everything you could ask, Lions fans showed up in numbers in New Orleans and the team is 8-4 entering the final four games. Who would have thought things would turn out like this?

Maybe you did. Maybe in the depths of the kool-aid soaked dreams it came to be. So why don’t you put that power of manifestation to use and conjure us up some good mailbag questions for PODcast?

Drop off your question in the comments below, or fire it off to us at @PrideOfDetroit on Twitter with the hashtag #AskPOD. We’ll take all comers on all questions—not just about the Detroit Lions—and we’ll nail it all down as we get set to record PODcast tonight.

Speaking of our wonderful little podcast, you can subscribe and download PODcast and First Byte on iTunes, or check us out on Stitcher. It’s pretty cool if I dare say so myself.