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Lions notes: Crazy stats from the Lions’ 28-13 victory over Saints

Sunday’s win over the Saints was unbelievable on so many levels.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I probably have enough notes today to cover three or four day’s worth of notes, but why not just binge on them all now:

  • Matthew Stafford has been unbelievable in the red zone since 2015:

  • He has also made the Superdome his new home:

  • This stat is just too weird and too amazing to be true, but it is:

  • Sandman has got your slowlights of the game, and he even threw us a nod for the soundtrack:

  • The Lions Twitter account perfectly trolled the folks at ESPN after the game:

  • Many were suggesting the Week 15 game between the Lions and Giants may get flexed to Sunday night, but the NFL went in another—predictable—direction:

  • On a more somber note, Justin Forsett said his goodbye to the city of Detroit on Saturday after the team released him:

  • Let’s end today’s notes with Stafford and Martha Ford hugging it out: