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PODcast: The Lions look to lock up the division

Ryan checks in from Punta Cana as the crew recaps New Orleans in what is probably our best PODcast to date.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

I try not to play up too much hype, so believe me, believe it, when I tell you if you’re going to listen to only one episode of PODcast, it might have to be this one.

Ryan checked in from Punta Cana after having multiple Honolulu blue kool-aids and Presidentes and is ABSOLUTELY NOT GAMBLING ON NBA GAMES. But the Lions may be just as cheerful as our wandering editor as they return from New Orleans 8-4 with the division crown well within their grasp now.

There’s still four more games of the season and it’s going to get even more exciting for Lions football. There’s so much to talk about here. I can’t break it all down here. Just listen, please, and download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes or grab it off Stitcher.

This week on the PODcast

  • A thrashing of New Orleans headlines the Lions topics for the day. The most complete game of the season? We just might think so.
  • A far better third quarter and a dissection of the defense.
  • Going down the rolodex of experts who picked against the Lions, just because.
  • Talking about the playoffs, AGAIN. The roads get even more clear. Talking about the most important non-Lions game of the season.
  • Dissecting the Quandre Diggs injury and what his loss might mean for the defense.
  • Has Jim Caldwell locked up his job for 2017? Some of y’all might need to take a hike.
  • Rage Corner attacks crappy broadcast teams assigned to the Lions, direct from a very lit Ryan Mathews.
  • More from Ryan’s visit to Punta Cana.
  • Mailbag! Christmas Specials, Jeremy doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Christmas cartoons, Jeremy doesn’t celebrate Christmas, two potential LISTCAST previews, two different questions about what food and drink items Matthew Stafford might be, win predictions and so much more as Ryan starts to lose his mind.

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